Tumpek Uduh/ Atag/ Wariga Ceremony

Tumpek Kandang is one of important ceremony of Balinese. This ceremony actually has a meaning, worship to the greatness of the God through maintaining and developing compassion for all the God’s creatures, especially animals. Hindus in Bali commemorated Tumpek Landep every Saniscara Kliwon wuku Uye in Balinese Calender of every 210 day.

In the Sundarigama manuscript stated that Tumpek Kandang is ceremony for animals that should be kept as well. It also one of the harmonization between human and environment in Tri Hita Karana, to keep harmony of life with every creatures or living things in universe. On Tumpek Kandang, Hindus are made some celebratory oblations, in the ritual procession invoke blessing from the God Shiva in order to bestowed with prime healthy and safety for the animals. In the Sacred Monkey Forest, we devotees worship the God Shiva in Tumpek Kandang, because the monkeys help the economic foundations of society, so at this day they were all say their Birth day (otonan). Tumpek Kandang is one of important ceremony that should be kept as well by the Hindus in Bali, our thankful to the God
who has created the animals for helping human life.